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Window Cleaning Montreal

Residential and commercial washing

Offer your home or business a window cleaning done by 123Entretien’s specialists. We guarantee that your windows will never have been so clean. Our unique cleaning process uses state-of-the-art equipment that uses demineralized pure water to avoid traces of limescale and other minerals leaving traces in your windows.

Some of the benefits 123Entretien:

  • Equipment at the cutting edge of techonology (demineralized water)
  • All types of buildings up to 100 feet.
  • Liability Insurance of $ 2 million
  • Flexible hours
  • Unbeatable prices
  • More than 1000 satisfied customers
  • More…

Why to wash your windows?

Today, there are more and more places with windows on their windows. This is mainly due to the fact that they can bring a significant aesthetic touch to any type of housing or building. Therefore, they are widely used. However, in order for their effect to be perceived at all times, they must be clean, which is why they must be cleaned, but it must be understood that it is a task that is not within the reach of everyone. This requires a certain mastery that only professionals in the field can achieve just like cleaning gutters in Montreal.

Services offered by window cleaners

Washing windows is not a task that is within everyone’s reach. Therefore, the services offered by window cleaners can be of great help. Thus, we have a team of professionals in the field who will provide you with a residential wash of high quality for your homes.

It will include all windows in your home and will be with competitive prices, plus you will enjoy a high quality after-sales service. For your professional premises, our window washers will be able to do the job efficiently thanks to their know-how, their professionalism, their experience and a modern equipment. In addition, whether you are in Laval or Longueuil, you will be able to benefit from our services as well as roof washing.

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✅ 2 million liability insurance
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Commercial versus residential window cleaning

Window washing in Montreal is something to take very seriously. Indeed, they get dirty very quickly, so you have to do some deep cleaning. For your homes or any type of habitat, you will benefit from our expertise of a residential washing of a great quality. Your windows will be cleaned in Montreal from the inside to the outside. Indeed, for this we have a qualified and well trained team that will do the job properly. As a result, the windows in your home will be spotlessly clean, as will our pressure washer.

For your buildings and large areas, you need a complete commercial washing of all windows. Indeed, for this type of place, their cleanliness is a very important factor. As a result, we offer a flawless commercial window cleaning service. Our experience gained over many years and our know-how will allow us to understand your needs and satisfy them in the most efficient way possible and with unbeatable prices.

Hiring Montreal Experts

For your residential or commercial window washes, you will be able to directly contact the Montreal experts. We will listen to you and understand your needs in order to satisfy you in the best way possible. Our main mission is to satisfy you entirely.

Why window cleaning in Montreal?

Window washing is a complex work that requires some know-how, so it must be done by certified professionals. We are a window cleaning company operating in the city of Montreal. Our window cleaning company is at your disposal for any maintenance and window cleaning work in Montreal.


The first step in the routing of a project is the estimation of the cost it will generate. With this in mind, we provide you with professionals who specialize in estimating window cleaning rates. So, when you use our services, one of our employees comes to your home to make a preliminary estimate of the window cleaning rate. This will give you an idea of ​​the price of window cleaning. In general, the estimate of the window washing price varies according to the following factors.

  • The nature and the state of the windows to be washed: type of glass, the accumulation of dirt …)
  • Products and equipment required to perform the service
  • The number of stakeholders needed to make the project run smoothly
  • The dimensions of the surface to be washed and the number of windows to be washed
  • The overall difficulty level of the project: height, obstacles, etc…



Residential window wash

Our window cleaning company is renowned for the quality and efficiency of its home window cleaning services. We put competent and serious service providers at your disposal for the cleaning of your windows. The professional window cleaning of our professionals is all the more meticulous: the tiles are washed one by one, the frames are inspected, the windows are cleaned from the inside and the outside. Each type of glazing is washed in a special way: this is all the know-how of the professionals.

With their experience, our teams are used to dealing with individuals. So there is no need to worry about the relationship, because our employees are respectful and work in a good mood. You can attend every step of the intervention and we will even give you tips for the maintenance of your windows. Know that we also have a service after impeccable service: you can always contact us and your requests will be recorded, taken into account and realize as soon as possible.

Commercial window washing

Our window cleaning company is also available for commercial window cleaning services. Whatever the size of your establishment or the number of windows composing it, our teams are ready to put their skills at your service. After a preliminary study of the environment of your business, its height and the obstacles to be overcome, a team of professionals will come to your home with the equipment required for the realization of the service.

The quality of our services and all that is more satisfactory, that is why many salesmen regularly call us for a professional window cleaning. Once the service is complete, we offer a regular washing program: we record your contact details and the characteristics of your requests so that we can agree to a washing of your windows at regular intervals. By subscribing to the professional window cleaning program you can even benefit from certain advantages as a loyal customer.

Window washing in height

Our teams are also at your disposal for the washing of windows in height. Whatever the height of your home, building or building, our professionals are qualified to perform a window cleaning without traces. We have all the necessary equipment for washing windows in height: scaffolding, nacelles, extension brushes, ladders, etc. Since the possession and use of this type of equipment requires certain guarantees, please note that we have all the necessary insurance for our washing equipment at height.

To conclude, we are at your service for all window cleaning work without traces. As mentioned above, we do window-cleaning in Montreal, but if you live in another city, you can join Laval’s window-cleaning service, which is well-suited to the Rive-Sud window cleaning service.

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