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Pressure Washing South Shore

Residential and commercial cleaning

Our company specializing in pressure washing is responsible for all pressure washing work in the South Shore. Our teams of qualified professionals put themselves at the disposal of the residents of the South Shore for all operations related to high-pressure washing.

Pressure washing price

Our pressure washing prices are among the most competitive in the South Shore city. We make our fares accessible to all markets, which is why we are one of the most sought-after companies in the region. Note that the price of pressure washing depends on the nature of the work to be done. The lowest rates are ordinary projects such as mobile pressure washing, gutter cleaning or roof washing. Large-scale projects are more expensive: high-pressure washing, wall cleaning, terrace washing, etc. Our rates vary according to certain criteria:

  • The dimensions of the surface to be cleaned (when it comes to siding, patio or windows)
    The number of providers required to complete the project.
  • The type of materials and products needed for the realization of the project: nacelles, hot water, etc.
    Special requests from customers: some customers have special requests such as the use of entirely ecological products. Of course, we take this type of request seriously.
    Once these elements have been taken into account by our estimation specialist, we will give you an accurate assessment of the cost of the project before the start of the work.

The projects we take care of

Our team of service providers supports different types of pressure washing in the South Shore. We deal in particular with mobile pressure washing. This type of cleaning has many advantages, because the jet of water can access all the recesses of the vehicle and thus makes it possible to make the cleaning in depth.

As mentioned above, our company is also specialized in the high-pressure washing of any element of the home: be it the roof, the veranda, the walls, the windows or the gutters. Note that individuals are not our only customers, many sales people also use our services. Indeed, a good presentation of the building is essential to attract customers. So, if you want to beautify your business by giving shine to your storefront, we are at your disposal. If your building has several floors, there is no problem, because we have nacelles and scaffolds that give us the opportunity to make high pressure washes.

To conclude this article, we would like to point out that apart from our pressure washing services in the South Shore area, we also provide window cleaning services in other cities: first, there is window cleaning in the city of Montreal, window cleaning in the Laval area and finally window cleaning in the South Shore area.

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