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Roof Snow and Ice Removal in Montreal

During the winter, the roof is subjected to a severe test, supporting the incessant snowfall. Ice then tends to form with the accumulation of snow and the constant change in temperature. In order to avoid the appearance of various problems such as water infiltration or the slump of the roof, it is recommended to proceed in time to the snow removal of its roof. Inhabitants of Montreal or Laval, call a professional like 123Entretien for this operation whose execution requires a specific know-how.

What is the good period for roof snow removal?

There is no real time for snow removal. Obviously, this operation is carried out during the winter period.
The safest way is to get rid of the snow at the end of the fall or storm, to ensure that it does not accumulate on your roof. In addition, a smaller amount will withdraw more easily.
If the snow removal is not done just after the big falls, it must be done before the arrival of the next storm by monitoring the weather. The purpose of this maneuver is always to avoid any accumulation.

How to know that snow removal is required?
There are some early warning signs that large-scale clearing should occur before any untoward consequences are deplored.

The weight of the accumulating snow is the first warning sign. Plant a stake in the snow on the roof and then measure the depth. If it is around fifty or, at worst, about sixty centimeters, it becomes urgent to proceed with snow removal. Of course, small tools made of wood or plastic are not enough anymore and to call a professional is essential.

The ice that forms on the edges of the roof is also a sign not to neglect. The water resulting from the melting of the snow will have difficulty to be evacuated, since the conduit will be necessarily obstructed by this ice. It must therefore clear snow immediately so that it infiltrates everywhere.

Why is snow dangerous for your home?

When the snow falls, it is very light. It is by accumulating that it can become a real danger for your home. Its weight can then give up the roof and cause severe damage to the structure of the house.

In extreme cases, the roof begins to warp and unusual creaking will be heard. If the deformation is relatively consistent, it may be that your doors and windows have trouble closing.

Over time, the water will seep gradually between the roof joints and attack the insulation and create mold. Finally, cracks appear on the walls and the damage can be almost irremediable.

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What are the preventive measures to take in winter?

The first is to clear the snow as much as possible after a storm or heavy fall and not wait for a layer of several tens of centimeters to appear.

Despite the appearance, a sloping roof is more exposed to the dangers of snow accumulation compared to a flat roof. Indeed, the wind sweeps less the shape of this structure unlike a flat surface. Owners of this type of roof should therefore pay particular attention to accumulation.

Then, it is advisable to facilitate access to the entire roof to make the regular clearing faster and more complete, leaving no area unattended. Do not hesitate to equip yourself with a safety ladder and adequate protective equipment.

Call an expert for snow removal of your roof

For snow removal work, it is advisable to call on a professional in the field for the work to be done in the rules.
The benefits are many. For example, this specialist knows your type of roof perfectly and will be able to adopt the most appropriate methods to effectively clear snow without risking damaging the structure.

Since the risks are relatively high, it is also prudent to let an expert do the work. He is aware of what he is doing and is perfectly equipped for any situation.

Maintenance keeps your roof clear of snow and can also handle other operations such as window cleaning or gutter cleaning using high-performance pressure washing equipment.

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