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Window Cleaning on the South Shore

Nowadays, more and more private individuals and businesses are turning to window cleaning companies to clean their windows. We are a window cleaning company working in the vicinity of the South Shore. We take care of everything related to window cleaning on the South Shore


Before operating any type of intervention, we make an overall estimate of the cost of the project: this allows customers to know our window cleaning rates and be calm on pecuniary issues. For this, one of our employees will come to your home and talk about our window cleaning rates after evaluating the cost of the project.

The price of window cleaning varies according to certain criteria such as the size of windows to be washed or the number of windows. The estimate also takes into account the condition of the windows (how dirty they are). The type of equipment and products required for cleaning is also noted in the assessment. Finally, there is the number of speakers required to perform professional window cleaning (this depends on the extent of the work). Once all these elements have been studied, the estimating specialist will tell you the price of the window cleaning that you will have to pay.

Residential window washing

Home window cleaning is one of the main sectors of activity of our window cleaning company. Our service providers are experienced and very knowledgeable: they know the customers’ expectations for cleaning windows without traces.

It is true that you can clean your windows yourself, but nothing beats the work of a professional. Indeed, the professional has the know-how of his job: he knows for example what type of products to use on this type of glass or how to handle the brush.

In short, the washing of residential windows is a delicate and complex work that must be left to professionals.
In terms of relationship: our home window cleaning providers are friendly (while remaining professional of course): they work in a good mood and can even give you some advice on the maintenance of windows and frames.

Commercial window washing

If you have any business, our window cleaning company is at your disposal for commercial window cleaning services. Our service providers will know how to embellish your storefront by cleaning it thoroughly: it is the cleaning of windows without traces. We use highly efficient window cleaner products and our equipment is the best in the market. In addition, our employees are very experienced in the field of commercial window washing.

Once the intervention is done, we offer a regular window washing program. For this, we record information about your establishment, your windows and your requests. Thus we will be able to agree to a regular washing of your windows (according to your conditions and the interval which you will have chosen of course). This type of regular wash program can be very beneficial because it offers privileges to loyal customers.

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Washing in height

Please note that we also offer glass washing services at height. We can take care of any type of building, no matter how many floors it has. In order to carry out glass washing in height safely, we have special equipment such as scaffolding, nacelles or ladders. We have the necessary insurance for this activity so there is no need to worry about the legal side. Note that window washing in height is a risky task so if you have windows high to clean, avoid at all costs to do it yourself. It is better to use professionals like us because our service providers have been trained and they have the necessary equipment.

To conclude, we note that even if we mainly deal with window cleaning on the South Shore, we also have washing services in other cities such as window cleaning in Montreal or window cleaning in Laval.

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