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Pressure Washing Laval

Residential and commercial cleaning

We are a company specializing in pressure washing in the city of Laval. Our teams are at your disposal, whatever your project: mobile pressure washing, wall covering, roofing, gutters, terrace, windows, pavers, awnings, etc.

Pressure washing price

Our pressure washing prices are the most attractive that can be found in the city of Laval. Indeed, our services are accessible to all budgets, it is for this reason that individuals do not hesitate to appeal to us whether it is for washing routines or larger projects. In general, our pressure washing prices vary according to the type of project and their importance: for ordinary interventions such as window or roof washing, our rates are low.

For complex projects such as high-pressure washing at the height or terrace cleaning, a preliminary estimate of the cost of the intervention is necessary, as this type of intervention requires the use of special equipment such as aerial work platforms. and ecological detergents. Before starting the work, a specialist estimates the expenses that will have to be done, it allows our customers to know in advance the amount they will have to pay and be more serene in the routing of the work. Note that the estimate is free.

The projects we take care of

As mentioned above, we handle all kinds of pressure washing projects:

Pressure washing of vehicles: mobile pressure washing is of course part of our field of application. Whatever your type of vehicle, we guarantee a thorough cleaning.

Pressure washing roofs: The roof is one of the elements of the house that degrade easily because it is exposed to the elements. Regular pressure washing can extend the life of your roof.

Window pressure washing: Nothing like a pressure wash to give your windows a sparkle. Indeed, the high-pressure washing makes it possible to remove all the impurities and to wash the tiles in depth.

Pressure wall washing: We also take care of the washing of your walls whether they are made of brick, concrete or wood. With our powerful jets of water, your walls will be like new.
Pressure wash in height: Our teams can also take care of pressure washing at height, because we have all the necessary equipment; scaffold, carrycot, telescopic stick brush, etc.

To conclude this article, we would like to add that in addition to pressure washing services in the city of Laval, we also offer window cleaning services in various locations. In particular, we offer window cleaning in the city of Montreal, window cleaning in the Laval area and window cleaning in the South Shore area.

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