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Roof Snow and Ice Removal in Laval

Roof snow removal is one of the jobs to be done during the winter season. It is strongly recommended to use the services of a professional like 123Entretien for a job done in the standards and in complete safety. This specialist has, moreover, adapted equipment for a result up to your expectations.

Why do snow removal need to be done?

Performing snow removal on a roof is recommended for several reasons.

Reason for safety

Snow can become a serious problem in winter when there is a little too much on the road, in front of the door but especially on the roof. An accumulation represents a real danger for the inhabitants of the house concerned and those who circulate in the vicinity.

An unpredictable situation could occur and cause an accident. For example, passers-by may be victims of the spill of ice that piled up on the roof. When the snow reaches a certain thickness, more precisely when it exceeds 60 cm or 24 inches, the owners must act.

The people of Canada often encounter this type of problem during the winter, whether in Laval, Montreal or elsewhere. It is then essential to act before it is too late. But how to recognize the warning signs?

Signs to recognize

There are various signs to know that snow removal must be done. When the roof bears too much ice, it can start to crack and warp. If you decide to let this situation last, the condition of your roof will inevitably deteriorate. Whether at the level of its look or its robustness.

When the situation becomes critical, the signs become more and more alarming. Cracks may also form and the doors will not close properly. It may be that the ceiling is deformed and even crack. In case the roof starts to produce real ice cubes, there is urgency. At this point, you need to call in a professional as soon as possible.

It should be known that the formation of ice cubes is a dam to prevent water from flowing. This one can then infiltrate a little everywhere, in particular the tiles, the shingles, the attic without forgetting the walls. The snow removal specialist will then proceed with the de-icing to limit the damage.

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The different stages of snow removal

After a heavy fall or a snowstorm or if there are various warning signs, snow removal must be done by a professional in the field. It proceeds step by step.

Visiting places

When you hire a snow removal professional, he comes to your home for a site visit. He takes a look at the house and looks closely at the roof.

You will be asked to detail the findings since a significant layer of snow has accumulated. It will also measure the thickness before implementing measures, for your safety and that of others (including neighbors or passersby).

The specialist analyzes the specificities and the state of the roof to plan the operations to be undertaken to get rid of the snow. He makes sure to use the right equipment, materials and techniques to get the best result.

Regarding snow removal, it should be noted that the price of the work usually depends on the scope of the tasks to be performed. In all cases, an estimate is usually made after the site visit.

Snow removal itself

Snow removal from a roof is a delicate operation. It is for this reason that it is willingly entrusted to a professional in the field who has the know-how, the experience and the equipment necessary to perform the task in the rules. He will make sure to remove the snow expertly, taking care not to damage the roof.

For your part, 123Entretien can perform other useful operations depending on your needs such as window cleaning or gutter cleaning, using specific equipment and techniques such as pressure washing.

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