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Roof Snow and Ice Removal in Longueuil

The winter season is often associated with the end of year festivities. But beyond Christmas White and its dose of magic, snow can also bring its share of discomfort and problems. To prevent the house from literally falling under the weight of the ice, it is essential to regularly clear the roof. Whether in Longueuil, Laval or Montreal, do not wait until the situation is extreme to call on a specialist like 123Entretien.

Snow and its dangers

First, it is important to note that the roofs were designed to support only a certain amount of snow. The thickness of the snow should never exceed 60 centimeters (which equals approximately 24 inches). If this is the case, snow removal must be done urgently.

Beyond the thickness of the snow, we must also take into account the rains and sleet that do not fail to occur during the winter. This only exacerbates the snow load that the roofs must withstand. The weight is generally poorly distributed, which increases the dangers and confirms the importance of snow removal.

Lastly, we must also mention the accumulation on sloping roofs which presents a risk for the inhabitants of the place, but also for passers-by or neighbors.

Danger signs and preventive measures

Beyond the thick snow that has formed on the roof, various signs may announce an imminent danger:

• cracked interior walls or ceiling;
• Doors and windows that rub and close tightly;
• Deformed ceiling;
• Crunches;
• Water leaks at the ceiling.

Preventive measures

There are steps you can take to avoid accidents. First, it will be wise to do everything possible so that the snow does not accumulate on the roof.

If the situation is already extreme, define a red zone around your house: nobody should go under the roof rims.
It is interesting to note that arrangements can be made by people who are building or planning the construction of their homes. Indeed, it would be wise to favor a flat roof and use an elastomer to facilitate snow removal.

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Snow removal itself

After heavy snow, a storm, or where snow has accumulated heavily on your roof, consult a professional for proper snow removal. He intervenes in compliance with the regulations in force, notably the Quebec Building Code and the Safety Code.
This specialist has the skills, experience and equipment to perform this type of operation without the risk of damaging your roof. It can in particular treat different types of supports such as shingle, elastomeric membrane or metal structures. Moreover, he knows precisely the precautions to take to limit the risk of falls or electrocution during operations.

Be careful, do not wait until the situation is critical to act or react. Before the snowy winters in Quebec, snow can accumulate easily and repeatedly until the end of the season. It is therefore more advisable to regularly remove the snow from the roof. This applies to both private residences and professional buildings.

Need to clear the roof? Give this task to the service technicians. This specialist in the field has all the equipment necessary to carry out the snow removal. You can also request this service provider for various interventions on your constructions, in particular the cleaning of gutters or the window cleaning. Knowing that his technicians use specific equipment such as pressure washing. Lastly, as a good professional, 123Entretien benefits from a complete insurance cover. So you can rest easy by entrusting him with the snow removal of your roof.

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