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Gutter Cleaning South Shore

Residential and commercial cleaning

To avoid any problem of water infiltration, gutters must be regularly cleaned. We are a gutter cleaning company operating on the South Shore. We are at your disposal for any work of unclogging gutters or various repairs


Our gutter cleaning company offers the best rates of work on gutters in the South Shore. The bills of course depend on the importance of the work: it can range from simple unplugging gutters to the complete repair of the drainage system. For easy interventions like gutter cleaning, we send one of our professionals to your home for quick troubleshooting. If the intervention is more complicated (requires several stakeholders and specific equipment) we first make an estimate of the price of the intervention so you can have a precise idea of ​​our prices.

It should be noted that our service providers have attended training courses: you will therefore be dealing with certified professionals. In addition, they have many years of experience in the field. We work in a good mood and professionalism. We put everything in place to guarantee the best possible service, because our concern is your satisfaction. After the intervention, if you are satisfied with our services, you can subscribe to our subscription program. Our service providers will then come regularly to your home for a continuous maintenance of your gutters, they can even give you advice on how to open a gutter down. This type of program will give you access to privileges and possible discounts.

Minor Repairs

We carry out various works on the gutters:

  • Cleaning and general maintenance of the gutters
  • Maintenance and repair of the drainage system (checking the condition of percolating wells)
  • Refurbishment of sagging gutters
  • Express unblocking of pipes and downspouts
  • Repair of leaks and rust on gutters.
  • Repair of the support structure of the gutter.
  • Fixing unhooked gutters
  • Drainage of dirty water accumulations
  • replacement of seals and fittings
  • replacement or repair of cracked or splintered gutters.

Whatever the type of intervention to be carried out, our service providers are ready to put their experience to your service. If you want to acquire skills to maintain your gutters yourself, our professionals are at your disposal to show you how to open a gutter down. This is actually a very simple operation: you must first let the water run down the gutter to check for a plug, it will also allow you to see what level it is. . Once you have located the cap, all you have to do is to dislodge it with a metal rod.

To conclude, we note that in addition to maintenance work and repair of gutters in the city of the South Shore, we also perform window cleaning services in other cities: there is particular washing of windows in Laval, window cleaning in Montreal and finally window cleaning on the South Shore.

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