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Washing of interior and exterior windows

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Cleaning external gutters

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Washing with high pressure water

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The evolution of the city of Laval for a decade

City bordering Montreal on the north shore, Laval is located just above Montreal. Apart from a few small islands here and there, Laval is entirely located on Île Jésus, which is located between the Rivière des Milles Îles and the Rivière des Prairies.

Laval is famous for its crossroads, the Carrefour Laval, a large shopping center full of big banner shops and small local shops. Know that it is possible to get from Laval from Montreal through the orange line, which serves stations Montmorency, De La Concorde and Cartier.

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Laval neighborhoods where our services are available


Bound to the northwest by the Mille-Îles River, to the northeast by Saint-François, to the south-east by Duvernay and south by Vimont, the Auteuil district is located north of Laval and consists mainly of farmland, woodlands and residential spaces. The major thoroughfares are boulevard des Laurentides, boulevard Sainte-Rose, avenue des Perron, boulevard des Mille-Îles, avenue des Terrasses, avenue des Lacasse and avenue Papineau.


Chomedey is the most populous neighborhood in the city of Laval. This is also where the vast majority of Laval’s cultural communities live. The Carrefour Laval is also located there, the third largest shopping center in Quebec, in addition to being downtown Laval nicknamed Centropolis.


It is in honor of Ludger Duvernay that the Duvernay district was founded on May 12, 1968. Duvernay is located east of the city of Laval and surrounds the Saint-Vincent-de-Paul district. Today, Duvernay is divided into three distinct parts: Duvernay-Ouest, Duvernay-Nord and Duvernay-Est.


Named in honor of Édouard-Charles Fabre, Fabreville was first founded as a municipality on December 5, 1968, to become today a district of the large city of Laval. In 2011, Fabreville had nearly 46,000 inhabitants. Fabreville is bounded by the Thousand Islands River to the northwest, Sainte-Rose to the northeast, Chomeday to the southeast, Sainte-Dorothée to the south and Laval West to the southwest.


Today a district, Laval-des-Rapides was once an old city until 1912, then became the city of the island Jesus in 1962, to become today one of the prominent neighborhoods of the city of Laval. For the past 50 years, the population of Laval-des-Rapides has doubled in number.


Laval-Ouest is home to Hartland-Monahan Arena, Raymond Pool and Laval West Park. The area is bounded by Fabreville to the northeast, Sainte-Dorothée to the southeast, Laval-sur-le-Lac to the southwest by the Mille-Îles River to the northwest. We find Saint-Eustache and Deux-Montagnes on the other side.


It is thanks to the name of the bridge crossing the Rivière des Prairies near Pont-Viau that Pont-Viau now has its name. This name comes from the first occupant land Pont-Viau, Christophe Veau. Today, Pont-Viau is full of stores along Boulevard des Laurentides and Boulevard de la Concorde.


Dorothea of Caesarea is the person after which the municipality become today a district of Laval was named. Sainte-Dorothée is bounded by Laval-sur-le-Lac in the west, Laval-Ouest in the northwest, Fabreville in the northeast, Chomedey in the east and Îles-Laval and Rivière des Prairies. Finally, Sainte-Dorothée is located west of Highway 13.


It was during the founding of the City of Laval that the old city of Sainte-Rose became one of its neighborhoods, in 1965. It is the fourth most populous district of the city located on the island. Jesus Island. St. Rose was named in honor of St. Rose of Lima. Today, Sainte-Rose is a residential neighborhood served by public transportation, including the suburban train of Saint-Jérôme, which goes to the center of Montreal.


Named in honor of Blessed Franôis de Sales, the Saint-François district, formerly known as Saint-François de-Sales, is today a district mainly composed of agricultural fields and woodlands in the city of Laval. The district is located to the east of Île Jésus and is bounded by the Rivière des Mille Îles to the north, the Rivière des Praires to the south-east and the Auteuil neighborhood to the west and Duvernay to the south.

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